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Reversing the Trend – How Better People Management Can Boost Productivity

Productivity strategies for businesses Explore how strategic strategic people management and technology can boost productivity and ensure sustainable growth for businesses. If you heard that Australia had a record surge in employment, you’d automatically expect increased productivity. Right?  Well, shockingly, this isn’t the state of our economy. Despite an unprecedented 6.9% increase in hours worked […]

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Accepting Compliments: Empowering Through Gratitude

Gratitude as a strength: the magic of accepting compliments Discover how embracing praise can make a positive impact on your mental health. Learn to accept compliments and boost your self-esteem.  Let’s play a quick game You’re out at a party and the host says “You look stunning!” You respond with:        A. “Oh! […]

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Understanding Psychosocial Hazards: What Australian Businesses Need to Know

Beyond Physical Safety: Addressing Psychosocial Risks for a Thriving Workplace The conversation around workplace safety has gone beyond tangible, physical risks to include mental and emotional health and well-being. We’ve recently been faced with the term ‘psychosocial hazards’ – a concept gaining ground, not just in occupational health discussions, but also in boardroom agendas across […]

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Mental Health: Shaping Australian Culture

Navigating Challenges, Implementing Strategies and Envisioning the Future  In Australia, mental health is no longer an issue confined to the shadows – particularly within the corporate world. A recent study by Beyond Blue revealed some alarming statistics about mental health in the workplace. About 20% of people will experience mental health problems in any given […]

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Empowering Survivors: The Paid Family and Domestic Violence Leave in Australia

This article offers a comprehensive overview of the scheme, its impact on small businesses, and the importance of fostering a supportive work environment with access to Australia domestic violence support services. An in-depth look at how this initiative supports employees and small businesses.  Understanding Family and Domestic Violence Leave Family and domestic violence is characterised […]