Catie Paterson Consulting | Melbourne HR Services
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We are the HR go-to specialists who have the experience you need.

Catie Paterson Consulting came about as a result of increased demand for down-to-earth HR assistance, advice and guidance.

We pride ourselves on our industry knowledge, professionalism, and the desire to deliver great results.

We work with a range of businesses in size and industry: from start-ups that require occasional human resources guidance—to established businesses implementing human resources projects on a national scale.

We are dedicated to providing best-practice solutions to improve the performance of your bottom line in a no-nonsense, practical and straightforward way.

Down to Earth

Catie Paterson Consulting specialises in providing HR services that are tailored to suit businesses like yours. We came about as a result of increased demand for genuine HR assistance, advice and guidance.

Tailored HR

We look after businesses by offering practical, ‘no-nonsense’ HR solutions, OH&S admin as well as general admin support on a project, short-term, long-term, or ongoing basis — all tailored around your needs.

Your Bottomline

If your business requires something done, contact Catie Paterson Consulting to see how our practical and tailored solutions can assist your bottom line.

We work with a range of businesses in size and industry. Find out how we can help you today!