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IBN Presentation February 2022

How do we build resilience to overcome the last 2 years? 

You may be surprised to know that building resilience doesn’t have to be hard.  All it takes is a proper daily routine and training.

As human beings, we have a natural capacity for resilience, but we still need to work to develop and maintain it, just like any other skill.

Grab a PDF of my slides from the IBN Presentation on 17 Feb 2022.


Recruitment Selection Checklist

Are you finding it difficult to attract and retain quality candidates for your business?

As a business owner or manager, finding a team member that has the right skills you need, someone you can rely on to do the work, who is motivated to work with you is critical for your business to succeed. Yet so many businesses find it difficult to attract and find loyal talent.

Hiring the right people doesn’t happen by accident.  It takes a great process, one that contains the key steps of the recruitment process.  But, if you’re like most people, you’re finding it hard to identify the essential steps that makes the recruitment process great!  If so, we’ve got your back …

Our Recruitment Selection Checklist will help you identify the key steps you need for your own successful recruitment process.  Or get all of the checklists below.

Interview Questions You Can't Ask

Did you know that there are some questions you cannot ask an interviewee?

Not because the question may be impolite, but because the question is illegal.  I don’t need to tell you how serious that could be, all for asking a seemingly harmless question during an interview.

Don’t leave yourself and your business open to risk.

Download our Questions You Can’t Ask in an Interview Checklist, to help you create your own solid list of legal interview questions.  Or get all of the checklists below.

Induction and Onboarding

Onboarding is a critical point in managing and retaining great team members.

A comprehensive onboarding process not only bridges the gap between the experiences of the candidate and the employee. It also acts as a catalyst for employee satisfaction, engagement, and retention.

In addition, an effective onboarding process increases your business reputation which ensures the attraction of great fit team members.

With so many aspects of modern-day workforce management changing to more flexible models of operation, creating certainty for your new starters has never been more important.

Grab a copy of our Induction and Onboarding Checklist to help you create a great onboarding experience for your new starters.  Or get all of the checklists below.

HR Policies, Procedures and Legal Compliance

Are you finding it hard to stay up to date with all the HR policies, procedures, and legal compliance?

If so, you’re not alone.  It can feel near impossible to keep up with all the changes, especially in the current uncertain climate.

It’s not hard to see that this area requires specialist knowledge and a deep understanding of the compliance rules for your industry.

But where do you start if you’re not legally trained?

You start with our HR Policies, Procedures and Legal Compliance Checklists. Or get all of the checklists below.

These checklists have been specifically created to help you get started on your compliance journey. 

Team Communication

Team communication is the foundation of a successful team. For a team to work well together, the members must ensure their communication is clear, concise and flows easily.  That should be easy, right?

But here’s the catch, people communicate in different ways and apply their own filters to their communication.  Clear and concise to one person, maybe confusing, misleading, and incomplete to another.

So how do you help open the communication channels between team members so that your team members can support each other and do their best work?

Grab our Team Communication Checklist, to help you build the communication channels that work best for you and your team. Or get all of the checklists below.

Remuneration and Incentives

Would you be surprised to know that money is not always the highest motivation for employees to stay in their jobs?

Yes, everyone wants to be paid well and fairly for their time and effort, but there are other things that go hand in hand with remuneration that confirm to your employees that they make a great choice coming to work for you.

The businesses that recognise this are the ones that not only attract but retain, great employees who go the extra mile to make your business great.

Grab our Remuneration and Incentives Checklist to guide you through the process of creating benefits that match your business culture and employee expectations.  Or get all of the checklists below.

Performance Management and Training and Development

Did you know that career advancement regularly rates as one of the highest motivators for employees?

Keeping that in mind, career advancement is fuelled and achieved by performance management and providing relevant training and development.

It makes sense, but then why do so many business owners and managers miss the mark on this with their employees, only to find out too late, that their valued employees are feeling disgruntled and are looking for offers elsewhere?

To help you avoid this critical error, we’ve compiled our Performance Management and Training and Development Checklist.  Don’t wait, grab your copy now!  Or get all of the checklists below.

Workplace Health and Safety

Workplace safety should lie firmly in the foundations of every business.

As safety standards continuously change, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the long list of guidelines, procedures, legislation, and everything else expected of business owners and managers. Ticking all the boxes of compliance to ensure the best safety for your workers, can be hard.  Especially, now with the move to more flexible work environments.

Don’t go it alone!  You don’t need to be an expert on safety to start putting the correct procedures in place.  

Grab our Workplace Health and Safety Checklist, to get you started on your compliance journey.  Or get all of the checklists below.

Employee Exiting

Nothing lasts forever and while it’s hard to say goodbye to great employees, having a solid employee exiting strategy and process, will help make the transition easier for both parties.

Even though the exiting employee will no longer be a team member, it’s important to acknowledge their contribution and their reasons for leaving.  The results of the exit interview are important for improving your processes for current and future employees.

In addition, an effective exiting process increases your business reputation which continues to ensure the attraction of great fit team members in the future.

Download our Ending Employment and Exiting Employees Checklist, to help you create your own solid exiting processes.  Or get all of the checklists below.


Restructuring can sound scary and incredibly overwhelming, but what would you say if I told you, it didn’t have to be that way.

Sure, there is a lot of work associated with any restructure, but if you are organised and you have a well thought out plan, the transition can be relatively easy for all concerned.

Change is the only certainty in all aspects of our lives, both in our work and our personal lives.  Your ability to effectively manage change in your organisation,  will determine the success or otherwise of your restructure and the future growth of your business.

Download our Restructuring Checklist, to help you create your own restructuring processes.  Or get all of the checklists below.

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