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Media: Interview for The Better Business for Good Company on effectively managing redundancies

Catie featured on The Better Business for Good (BB4G) TV show to discuss managing redundancies.
May 24, 2021/by Tanya Lund

How to manage teams and culture in a hybrid work model

The pandemic certainly accelerated the change for businesses to adopt more flexible work arrangements.
May 5, 2021/by Tanya Lund

Case Study: Managing an unfair dismissal as a result of COVID-19 slowdown

The complexity of the pandemic can affect a business and their employee’s roles, responsibilities and conditions.
April 8, 2021/by Tanya Lund

Business update: Beginning my learning journey in Positive Psychology and Wellbeing

I have made it my life’s mission to empower organisations to create a positive workplace culture.
February 24, 2021/by [email protected]

Case Study: Why no Employment Agreement cost a small business thousands

Here’s why a small business had to pay a redundancy based on full time hours and not part time hours.
January 4, 2021/by [email protected]

Tips for returning your staff back to the workplace

2020 has been a year like no other with the seriousness of the pandemic causing major shutdowns of businesses.
November 30, 2020/by [email protected]

Media: Interview for Blackbelt Leader on Ticker TV on Growing Leaders

Catie featured on ticker TV’s Black Belt Leader to discuss what it takes to grow leadership capabilities.
November 23, 2020/by [email protected]

Media: Interview for The Better Business for Good Company on Reboarding

Catie featured on The Better Business for Good Company TV show (BB4G TV) to discuss return to work plans.
October 27, 2020/by [email protected]

Three reasons every business needs a successful onboarding process

If you have ever had to hire new staff you know how much time and money it can take to find the right person.
September 1, 2020/by [email protected]