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Essential leadership skills for the office environment

Leadership is an essential skill that is critical in many aspects in life, from a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) or founder of a company, a project leader on a building site, an office manager, president of your local football club or on the board of your industry association.
June 4, 2020/by

Five tips for leading and managing virtual teams

As Australians continue to face unprecedented challenges due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, it’s important that leaders implement effective communication, teamwork and collaboration to achieve the best results for their business and their staff.
May 21, 2020/by

Importance of workforce planning for your business

We are currently seeing a rapid change to the Australian workforce and economy with ongoing environmental and social impacts seeing businesses having to change and adapt more quickly than ever before.
April 23, 2020/by

Managing people through change

Organisational change continues to be difficult for many businesses as we adapt to sudden shifts in our industry, new business models that may be required and even external factors including pandemics such as COVID-19.
March 26, 2020/by

Media: Interview for Blackbelt Leadership on Ticker TV

I was recently invited onto Ticker TVs new show Blackbelt Leadership with Karen Gately, where I discussed the steps leaders can take to reengage a checked-out team.
November 21, 2019/by

The Importance of Career Planning & Succession Management Within the Workplace: Part 2

In Part 2, we’ll dive deeper into the individual needs of your employees and how communication is central to the success of your ongoing succession plan.
November 21, 2019/by

The Importance of Career Planning & Succession Management Within the Workplace: Part 1

In part one we look at why establishing an effective succession management strategy alongside career development processes is more important than ever.
November 11, 2019/by

When is the right time to bring in external HR support?

If you’re running a growing small business and are finding yourself spending an increasing amount of time and energy on your staff instead of spending that time on your business then this is the list for you.
October 10, 2019/by

5 Ways to Empower Your Team in the Digital Workplace

Just as the title suggests, Human Resources should be a very “human” prospect although in this industry we often find ourselves navigating an increasingly digitised workplace and world.
September 12, 2019/by