Black Belt Leader

Catie had the privilege to be invited to appear on ticker TV’s Black Belt Leader hosted by highly regarded expert in people leadership, Karen Gately from Corporate Dojo.

Black Belt Leader shares advice and stories to help leaders with challenging people management issues and takes a look into leadership skills great leaders need to positively influence others.

On the show we discussed:

What it takes to grow the leadership capabilities needed to inspire and influence people to be at their best.

What senior leaders need to do to support those they appoint to a management role to succeed.

Some of the biggest gaps in people management capabilities at the moment.

Are effective leaders born or can they be developed?

Ways senior leaders can support technical people to effectively step into a people management role.

Thank you, Karen and ticker, for having Catie on the show and also for the mention of the new Quick Start onboarding program launching soon!

Click the link below to watch.

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