Interview for Blackbelt Leadership on Ticker TV around self awareness

Black Belt Leader shares advice and stories to help leaders with challenging people management issues and takes a look into leadership skills great leaders need to positively influence others.  

On the show Catie and Karen discussed: 

– What is self-awareness and why it is a critical skill of a successful leader? 

– What are the benefits of self-awareness? 

– What are the characteristics of a leader with self-awareness? 

– Why does it matter for a leader to have self-awareness?

– What happens if a leader does not exercise self-awareness and what impact does it have on the team?

– How do you develop self-awareness? 

– Simple tips for leaders to become more self-aware. 

Self-awareness is such an important skill and helps us build stronger relationships and be clearer with our decisions. 

Thank you Karen and ticker for having Catie on the show.

Click the link below to watch.

ticker full episode – to hear more about what Catie discussed on the show head to 19mins 40 seconds.

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