Beginning my learning journey

People are the backbone to any business and I have made it my life’s mission to empower organisations to create a positive workplace culture and an environment for their people to thrive.

In the world of Human Resources (HR), each new year comes with a new innovation or trend and I’m always excited to welcome positive change if it’s going to improve the employee experience. One of my personal goals is to always keep learning and an area that is becoming extremely important is positive psychology and wellbeing. In March, I will embark on completing a Diploma of Positive Psychology and Wellbeing with the Langley Group Institute.

What is positive psychology and how does it benefit a workplace?

 According to Psychology Today Australia, “positive psychology is a branch of psychology focused on the character strengths and behaviours that allow individuals to build a life of meaning and purpose—to move beyond surviving to flourishing.”

One thing that became clear to me as we all went through the difficulties and challenges of the pandemic and workplace stress continues to increase, focusing on the positives for both an individual and business wellbeing is essential. According to a recent study, ‘Resetting Normal: Defining the New Era of Work,’ by The Adecco Group, found, “28% of respondents said their mental wellbeing had worsened due to the pandemic, with only 1 in 10 rating their managers highly on their ability to support their emotional health.”

To increase individual, business and collective wellbeing

By completing this course, I will be able to support my clients with a range of positive psychology activities, tools, and strategies to help their people and business flourish.

Workplaces that look for ways to maximise and apply an individual employee’s key strengths and abilities will see higher rates of retention and productivity. Leaders who invest time in getting to know their people, value their contribution and their overall wellbeing will foster a culture of innovation and engagement.

Work plays a significant role in our everyday life and our overall wellbeing. We want our people to feel like they want to come to work. Making work purposeful and meaningful and they feel satisfied they are accomplishing something, will build teams that are highly motivated and driven to achieve positive outcomes for not only themselves but for the business.

My learning journey begins

Over the next few weeks, I’m incredibly excited about taking these next steps in my learning journey and hearing about the latest research of positive psychology, wellbeing and neuroscience. Creating workplaces for people to grow, ensuring diversity and fairness and an overall positive workplace culture is something I’m passionate about and I’m looking forward to sharing with you some of the key learnings.

My aim is for leaders to see their employees as ‘people’ who all have their own strengths and abilities and interests.

Over the coming weeks, I look forward to sharing with you more of my key learnings from my course.

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