Catie Paterson was a special guest on Shelley Flett’s ‘The Dynamic Leader’ podcast episode #31. Shelley Flett is a well-respected leadership trainer and coach, working with leaders to build high performing and efficient teams.

Passionate about supporting the next generation of leaders, Shelley has recently written a book ‘The Dynamic Leader’ which includes a model for leaders to find their own dynamic leadership style and what her podcast is focused around.

In the episode Catie and Shelley discuss two essential skills a great leader needs; empowerment and accountability. An empowered leader must feel and have control in their role so they can empower and build confidence in others around them to achieve the desired outcome. At the same time, leaders must be accountable for what they say and follow through with action.

How do you empower your team members to grow?

Thank you to Shelley Flett for having me on the podcast. 

To listen to Catie’s episode on the ‘The Dynamic Leader’ podcast, click the link below.