Catie Paterson Consulting | SERVICES
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Catie Paterson Consulting has created a suite of flexible HR related services and products to ensure that you receive expert employee advice and support—making sure your business runs effectively, and most importantly, with less risk.


Catie Paterson Consulting Advisory Service has been specifically designed to support HR needs of small and medium-sized businesses between 10 – 500 employees.


Our depth of experience and awareness has led us to develop a range of HR services to ensure that your business receives the advice and support you need whilst focusing on your business.


Behind a business, there are a host of operational and administrative activities all needing tools, practical approaches and processes to reinforce and support managing employees.

A lot of businesses find it difficult to keep up, and that is why we offer to work with you as your ‘insourced HR’ by coordinating everything, creating, developing and delivering people and business performance without the additional overhead. We can provide a scalable service adapted to your needs.


At Catie Paterson Consulting, we combine up to date industrial relations technical knowledge with practical tools to manage risk, limit legal scenarios and deal with issues in a confidential manner. At times it could be an individual disciplinary matter or a considerable restructuring, which may bring with it changes to employee situations.


All businesses have legal obligations to their employees to be compliant and provide the necessary policies and guidelines to support the workplace and its employees.


We will help you every step of the way with specialist advice from designing effective policies and procedures, employment agreements, information regarding termination and redundancy, and other complex situations. Working together, keeping it simple and being collaborative will make any transition easier for your business.


Your recruitment, onboarding and retention activities influence your business identity, employee engagement, productivity, and performance. A well-planned recruitment process makes employing team members as stress-free as possible and ensures you recruit the right fit for your business. We can support you in the selection, onboard and retention of employees and customise criteria to suit your requirements.


The implementation of successful talent management and succession initiatives promotes employee career management and prepares them for future opportunities and responsibilities within your company.


Effective performance management is crucial to improving business, team and individual performance. These systems give employees the information about how well they perform in their role, agreed goals and a plan for improvement.


We will provide support and design performance planning and evaluation programs to capitalise business and individual performance.


We approach organisational development as a blueprint tying all the changing business components together such as culture, technology, employment structure, people, and leadership. The benefits to successfully managing organisational development leads to improvements in productivity, processes and communication.


Catie Paterson Consulting can work with you to develop an employment strategy in line with your overall business plan to communicate the vision, build and motivate teams, drive efficiencies, and inspire individuals and teams to reach their full potential.


Our approach to leadership development, coaching and mentoring is customised to develop individual capabilities and achieve their goals.


Please contact us for a chat on how we can meet your business requirements.

We can also provide individual HR policies, procedures, templates and forms at a cost-effective price.

Contact us for more details on how Catie Paterson Consulting can work with you to deliver the right package for your business.