Catie Paterson Consulting | When is the right time to bring in external HR support?
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When is the right time to bring in external HR support?

If you’re running
a growing small business and are finding yourself spending an increasing amount
of time and energy on your staff instead of spending that time on your business
then this is the list for you.

If any of the
below apply, then bringing a HR consultant on board could be the right choice
for the future of your business.

1. You’re out of time

After good staff, the most valuable resource to your business is likely time. You may need a HR consultant if you or your team are consistently short on the number of hours you can devote to day-to-day HR tasks – or if those tasks are fractured among different staff members. Leaving HR as an afterthought can often lead to costly non-compliance or legal issues and dissatisfied employees. A HR consultant also saves you the time that you’d spend training and on-boarding a new in-house HR manager. Plus, a professional’s existing expertise also means tasks are often completed faster.

2. Your business is rapidly growing or changing

During periods of
high change in your business, you’ll have enough matters – aside from HR – that
demand your attention. And when that change is particularly tumultuous, a
specialist can help navigate the stickier side of running an organisation. Especially
as they understand the ramifications of changes in pay or roles, down-sizing,
restructuring, terminations, investigations, conflict resolution and any
disciplinary matters that arise.

3. You just haven’t found “the one” yet

Culture fit is
one of the most important factors that nurture a happy workplace. Whether
you’re thinking of adding an HR manager to your team for the very first time,
or you’re in between HR managers, you want to hire the perfect person. Temporarily
partnering with a HR consultant as a stop-gap measure during this time is often
more cost-effective in the long run than hurrying the recruitment process. It
also ensures your eventual new hire will be seamlessly joining a well-run
department. Not to mention, a HR consultant can also assist you in finding the
right person to join your team.

4. You need the resources to meet your business growth goals

Do you have big
plans to grow your business and need a top-level HR strategy to meet your
objectives but don’t know where to start? HR Consultants are experts in providing
the framework to ensure you have the right staff and systems to meet your
strategic business objectives. On top of this, they can develop an employment
strategy in line with your overall business plan to communicate the vision to
existing staff, build and motivate your team, drive efficiencies, and inspire
individuals to reach their full potential. HR Consultants can also customise strategies
to develop the individual capabilities of staff, to enable you to achieve your
business goals.

5. You simply don’t need a full-time HR manager

If your business
is small to medium in size you may very well not require permanent HR staff.
Yet as soon as you hire your very first employee, it’s important to start
thinking about your future HR requirements. You probably have an intimate
knowledge of what your business offers, who it’s for and what your hopes are
for the future, but may not know the finer details of HR. Working with a HR
consultant means you can add their wide-ranging expertise to your team, and save
on the salary and recruitment costs you’d spend on HR staff. Good consultants
are also highly adaptable and flexible; meaning you can hire them on a
project-by-project basis or for longer or shorter time periods to suit your
business needs.

Still not sure if
a HR consultant can assist your particular situation? Get in touch for a chat
about how Catie Paterson Consulting can help you.

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